9 world famous capitals for street art

It’s almost easy to come across doodles with graffiti. But in some capitals in the world, grafiti masterpieces have contributed to an impressive view of street art.

1. São Paulo, Brazil

Famous street artists from São Paulo are all who mark their first works on the city walls. Villa Madalena is a young neighborhood filled with art galleries, music clubs, and cafes adorned with a rich street art scene.

It is concentrated on Beco street by Batman – named after the superhero image – running from Gonçalo Alfonso to Medeiros de Albuquerque. Elsewhere, the Cambuci neighborhood is where the twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo and OSGEMOS use as playgrounds for their best drawings.

2. Berlin, Germany

The urban art scene in Berlin has long been famous. There are many walking tours through the neighborhoods with graffiti paintings. The most famous is the East Coast Gallery, where the Berline wall has been covered with numerous paintings. It was since the border was opened between East and West Berline since 1989 making it famous for its art on a par with the level of original political implications.

Dircksenstrasse is another graffiti hotspot with a range of works from large to small along the tracks between Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz in the Mitte district.

3. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s alleys, with their brightly colored illustrations, create vibrant living blocks throughout the city. You can see Sonic the Hedgehog, Hindu god Ganesh, or topless Karrdashian.

The art tour starts at ACDC Lane with photos of music idols, walking down to the nearby Duckboard Square with colorful artworks painted on the back of luxurious restaurants. There are very few empty walls in Melbourne, making it one of Australia’s most impressive cities.

4. New York City

Graffiti may have originated in Philadelphia but became popular in New York. The artworks found on every corner of the street but each neighborhood has its own impression.

You can see here Banksy paintings and big names of street art as well as famous works like Upper Manhattan of Audubon Mural project, a collaboration between Audubon Society and art gallery. Gitler to raise awareness about the threat of climate change.