Temporary Street Art That is Changing the Graffiti Game (part 3)

Mosstika Edina Tokodi, who founded the artist collective named Mosstika, has been called an eco-warrior due to her focus on flora as greening the street. Using moss, plants, and other organic materials, Mosstika has succeeded in bringing a biodegradable bit of life to city walls without any trace of landscape. This is considered to be […]

I want to go abroad to settle in the best street art in the world

Investors who are passionate about graffiti always want to go abroad to settle in the best street art in the world. Every country will have some form of graffiti. Sometimes, the pictures are not beautiful, obscene, … causing offensive to viewers. By categorizing different forms, street art is growing. The talent, technique and sophistication and […]

Street art in France

Although many weaknesses make Vitry difficult to become a dream city, but at least for me, the city’s cultural and artistic focus is a big reason for the bond. Capital de “street art” is the title that I found on Vitry’s website. As it turned out, it has long been considered one of the prominent […]

Namsadang Nori Korean Art Street

An intangible cultural property is toured in various places in Korea. It is a traveling troupe with mainly male members, performing various unique art performances including Tumbling, singing, dancing or comedy, adorning a fun atmosphere. are the drum-sounding gongs. To know more about the strange things of this art troupe, then let’s join the Korean […]