Japanese street music

When I first came to Japan, I was quite surprised by the street groups here. In busy areas, mostly in the evening, it is almost 90% likely that you will encounter at least one performing singer or street music group. This is truly an interesting culture that visitors can experience while traveling Japan. Some areas have many street artists performing in Tokyo such as Kawasaki, Shinjuku, Shibuya …

I must say the people here have a great love for music. Every day going out to the street, climbing on trams and buses, you will see many people attach headphones to their ears. Not surprisingly, Japan and the United States are currently the two largest music markets in the world.

With the richness of genres, thoroughly applied copyright laws, as well as people’s passion for music, Japan has always been one of the “desires” of artists around the world. In Japan, you can hardly find an online site for listening, downloading music or watching free shows. Everything has to use money to buy.

Going back to Japanese street music, in terms of tourism and culture, those performances are fascinating especially for tourists. Visitors can see groups dancing, singing solo, guitar, trumpet, vaudeville, circus … with all kinds of music. Behind the vocals and the performances, they must have had a lot of difficulties when they started everything on their own, and no one promoted it.

I noticed that every time they performed, they had to prepare a lot of things, from speakers, microphones, musical instruments, brochures, not to mention carrying the bags, were quite cumbersome … and of course they were Free performances. After the end of the concert if everyone likes to buy support for that artist, a music disc or support some money on your own for some variety shows.