Namsadang Nori Korean Art Street

An intangible cultural property is toured in various places in Korea. It is a traveling troupe with mainly male members, performing various unique art performances including Tumbling, singing, dancing or comedy, adorning a fun atmosphere. are the drum-sounding gongs. To know more about the strange things of this art troupe, then let’s join the Korean Tour we learn a bit more about them.

Nghệ thuật đường phố Namsadang Nori - Ảnh 4

At first it must be about the origin, the time of the appearance of this drama group is probably from the Joseon Dynasty, they formed spontaneously among people with similar interests, wandering around the village markets. performing performances to make money.

The predecessor to this monumental lineup was only men, but due to a few special factors, they broke the rules of accepting a few women, in addition to the terms “Short hair, showing personality, Tomboy mature style ”.

Up to now, the number of members in the troupe has increased to about 50 people of all ages close together. However, they are divided into many different groups, corresponding to mature performances and experienced experiences.

In other words, the division includes “High-class artists and apprentices”. Running for a long time and time to survive, so the rules are quite strict. Usually, they always respect and know that the troupe has given them a house, because most of the actors in the group are orphans and wandering people who are picked up and taught by them.

Nghệ thuật đường phố Namsadang Nori - Ảnh 6

Benoa Nori, this is a turntable performance, they often use a small and long stick, above it is a spinning disk with an ever-increasing speed. With more difficult skills, people juggle the flying saucer around them. To achieve this, many of the training items had to shatter into pieces.

Eoreum, it is a performance that will make viewers choke, because the actors will have to show their skillful balance on a thin, interwoven line with dance moves. while singing or walking, sometimes their steps are dominated by the drums. “Tung 1 step – 2 step parts – Keng must stop”.