Some street artists

The piano echoed in the middle of the open space on the walking path along the Thames. People kept going back and forth, a few heads looking, then a few stopped and stared in one direction. Glancing gazes, constant camera clicks and smiles appear …

The man in an old shrimptail suit was tinted with time and crumpled. He sat in a homemade car, pedaling and playing the guitar at the same time. Everything is not new, the car with visible parts, the old piano box faded because of the rain the man is not young either, the hair is pilot curly curly does not cover the creased wrinkles on the face.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nghệ sĩ đường phố london

He sings, his voice is small and unintelligible despite the mic, the music is nothing too special. But he, with his little things, with a different idea, with a humorous, humorous love face, created a different repertoire in the boring parts of many other street artists. That is making fun for the pedestrians, creating its own beauty, vitality for bustling London.

You can meet them in every public place in London: where the streets are, the subway station is noisy, on trains, on footbridge or in the middle of a park. They immersed themselves in performances with happy faces and sometimes excitement. Each one looks, each person contributes with his own special talent.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nghệ sĩ đường phố london

The most common form is that musicians with electric guitars, drums, trumpets, flutes and even instruments I don’t know very well. They will usually sit down and appear and perform at the same time. After that, another artist will come with another performance.

London is ethnically diverse, and street music is also colorful. You can hear the African drumming of impulses, but you can also hear the deep violin. Over time, those performances, faces and music will become part of the identity, part of that street corner or the train station.

In the early mornings people rushed to work, in the dark evenings people rushed home or met friends, they still stood there singing. A few passersby left some pennies, and they nodded again. But I believe, more or less, they bring vibrational sounds, unforgettable moments to someone on a special day.