Story of Parkour street art in Syria

The image of young people jumping over cars or gently fence walls on crowded streets is no longer so strange. Because these virtuous movements are part of the Parkour discipline. Parkour is a movement training method derived from the French army’s obstacle avoidance skills. This course includes obstacle course, climbing, swinging, jumping and other exercise exercises.

Some people consider this a dangerous sport to train the brave, some people call it martial arts to train fitness and some people think that Parkour is a combination of both subjects. As for the followers of Parkour in Syria, this street art not only helps them to exercise or is it an entertaining game, it also helps them to remove the psychological burdens.

Omar Kosheih and his group of 6 people used the neighborhoods in western Aleppo to practice Parkour. They practice moving on uneven terrain in the most efficient way by taking advantage of the surroundings to create kinetic energy to maintain as many momentum as possible, while keeping safe. One of Parkour’s requirements is efficiency. Practitioners not only move in the fastest way but also have to move with the highest efficiency with the shortest and most unexpected distance.

Currently in Aleppo there are nearly 200 young people practicing Parkour, about half of them live in the East – where the war of government troops and rebel groups is still ongoing, Parkour has helped them not only to forge Train your physical strength, but also improve your spirit to overcome the losses and injuries caused by the war.

This time of year is the period when there are many festivals in Japan. The cherry blossom festival that just passed is also the time when the Spring Sumo festival is kicked off. This is one of the most important events of wrestling fighters in the country of the Rising Sun, attracting hundreds of martial artists to participate every year.

One of the main activities of the festival is the march around the temple after the leading Sumo wrestlers perform rituals and competitions with each other, they will lead the group of rituals and prayers. Security for everyone.

Spring Festival is also an opportunity for Sumo boxers to exchange and share experiences with each other, before they enter the national championship tournament.