Street art in area Manais – Paris

From street art, graffiti to Invader’s mosaic tiles. Le Marais is the perfect area to admire these urban artworks. This is also a famous area for art and culture. Street art literally means works of art that you can easily see on the street, authors of these works often hide their identity by working at night.

Gradually, street art was overwhelmed by other less aesthetic works, so some people saw street art sabotaging the urban landscape and indeed some countries, these activities were banned.

Street art comes from Russia. After the October revolution, to stimulate the decline of the art world, Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky said: “Think of the streets as our color palettes.” This has sparked the interest of people and the street has quickly become a place for artists to be creative.

Gregos made works based on human faces. If you see works with ideas in the world, it is most likely Gregos’s work. A famous street artist in Paris, John Hamon. John pasted his photos in famous locations for more than 15 years. The idea is to create something from nothing and prove that popular people can create an artist.

Invader’s products are not only located in Marais, but also throughout Paris and around the world. Unlike the ‘Invader’, his artworks add to the city’s liveliness, designed with mosaic pixels, without harming the cityscape.

The name is named after the game “Space Invaders”, sold by the Japanese company Taito. At that time, the characters were made simple with pixel graphics, so when looking at these works, you can recall the past.

In 1998, the Invader also invaded the Louvre Museum and left behind a controversial work. Then he came back with the idea of ​​humor and familiarity. Proposed by ESA (European Space Agency), in partnership with NASA and ESA, Invader has done his art work at 7 ground stations and also works for large projects with many organizations. in the US, Italy, Austria and South Korea.

There is an app called “Flash Invaders”, which you can download and collect the artwork of the Invader in the world by taking photos.