Street music in Europe

Walking through the ancient streets of Paris or Vienna or Venice, it is not difficult to find artists who pull Bach’s music with the ancient violin. Indeed, street artists have become a European feature for a long time, they do not have abundant funding to stand on the magnificent stage. But passion still motivates them to stand on the small street to give their all to the art.

The current globalization trend makes listening to music even easier with the launch of smartphones. But this does not mean that these facilities are for everyone. For example, there are families who are not eligible to buy music players for their children. Or where the TV cannot reach them, or the programs that are tied to certain music genres.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Âm nhạc đường phố tại Châu Âu

Therefore, street music seems to brighten up the meaning of music for everyone. Street art is not as simple as performing on demand in a theater. Modern people tend to be independent early, this habit can lead to indifference or wary of what is going on around them.

Therefore, to attract a crowd, the artist needs to create a lively atmosphere associated with trust. They need to show all their talents and personal charisma. Besides, artists are often those who are very sensitive and soaring soul.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Âm nhạc đường phố tại Châu Âu

We try to think of trying to perform in crowded places but naturally no one looks at us, how will they be hurt? Psychologically well-prepared is the first difficulty of street musicians.

The reasons above are probably enough to make many people discouraged just before starting to step out on the road to sing. However, from nowhere, there are music lovers who choose to perform in public places instead of standing in a large theater among the magnificent European cities.

It may be true but it may be wrong. No matter how different the starting point, all artists have one thing in common is love for music.