Street painting in the UK about young people’s habit of using smartphones

The picture shows that today’s young people know how to take advantage of smartphones to create more income, nurture their passion, explore their talents.

Recently on a street in central London, there appeared a work of art painted by famous street artists. This is a work that depicts Gen Z’s phone usage habits (born after 1995) today, as part of a campaign to promote the new Honor 20 series.


This street work, explained by phone company Honor, is a response to the perception of the youth society that the generation is dependent on technology and not associated with the surrounding world.

Prior to this activity, Honor conducted a consumer study. A large number of 16-24 year-olds surveyed said that adults are doing too much trouble thinking.

Most young people recognize that smartphones, besides the basic functions, also make their lives more interesting and active, work more effectively and proudly consider themselves a piece of the gender community. modern child. “Only a few of them realize that smartphones have a negative impact on their lives,” Honor representative said.


Representatives of the manufacturer shared that adults are quite hasty when they think that young people take care of their phones to chat with friends, watch movies or play games.

The brand claims that girls and boys today use phones with a variety of purposes. Unlike the previous X and Y generations who did not have access to the Internet early, young people today know how to take advantage of technology to find themselves jobs to earn more money, nurture the passions of their youth.

It could be young people who use their smartphones to live in clothing business, answer online food orders or freelance jobs such as writing, designing, filming, taking pictures.

“Smart phones are indispensable for these new generation citizens. Even thanks to smartphones, young people have discovered their talents,” said Honor representative.