The colorful street art decorate architecture of Miami city

Miami is extremely hot! And it’s not just hot weather. Here, nightlife is also very exciting – hot, thanks to the strong influence of Latin and flashy salsa dance culture. Dance the evening at a nightclub or enjoy a favorite meal at one of the city’s owned restaurants. During the day, run to the beach and wander, immerse yourself in Miami’s colorful art decorate architecture.

Buy a Cuban sandwich in Little Havana, then play the wooden horse wheel in Virginia Key Beach Park. In particular, Miami is also a place for you to explore the unique street art scene when you already own cheap airline tickets.

Tony Goldman – a charitable real estate developer with the intention of creating a ‘street museum’ has invited world-famous artists to come and create works in many scattered areas of Miami. Currently, the paintings on the wall have multiplied many times than the first 6 walls.

Each year since 2009, more than 50 artists have created vivid and vibrant paintings for about 80,000 square feet of walls. Wynwood Doors – one of the first walls ever collapsed and was restored in 2010. This wall has become a great place to visit with 15 art scenes drawn from the city of Bladerunner in the future comes the enchanting mystical elephants.

Since 2010, street art has spilled out from the pedestrian plaza, now surrounding the surrounding restaurants, galleries and bars. If Haight Ashbury is the most impressive of hippie, sun and rainbow paintings in the 60s, Wynwood is the most outstanding painting for development and inspiration for many of the beautiful pictures on Instagram.

These wonderful murals have become one of the exotic charms when traveling to Miami, it’s different from what everyone knows: watching hot guys or girls wearing bikini on the beach, yin Exciting music in bars and great cocktails.

To Miami and immerse in the art space here, you will understand that no one can underestimate the power of street art, because it is a great way to recover and reform a certain area. is on the verge of destruction. If you are here at that time, you will be able to take part in a free community tour, where you can see new works from regional galleries and enjoy bustling music on the street. And that is the place that explodes with the passion and creativity of artists.