The experience street photography

The streets of houses and busy people are a great source of inspiration in photography, and the street scene always evokes a youthful modern atmosphere. Photo enthusiasts also often ask questions about which camera is best suited for street photography. There are ideas for street portraits, street photography tips.

Street photography is indeed fascinating. It is painting, capturing a moment, a place, or simply letting us smile. However, to achieve this, the photographer must first know how to collect.

I recommend that you start with a 75mm or 50mm lens first to keep your distance, then approach. I often spend more time looking at photos than taking photos.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chụp ảnh đường phố

My bookshelf also has a few rows specializing in photography books. The so-called good photographer should only be considered an inspiration and motivation to help you take better photos.

The more you are in the crowd, the less each person’s private moments. At the same time, each person’s space depends on the culture. In some countries, people have a habit of talking and touching in public, while in others, it is not. But there are unwritten rules. Being so close, right in front of them will make others feel stressed, even though they don’t know why.

At a fair, in the middle of a carnival street, people often don’t have much private space. Events like these stimulate people’s emotions so they don’t need their own space. In most cases, everyone feels very happy, so the face seems very relaxed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chụp ảnh đường phố

Photographing strangers is probably one of the hardest aspects of street photography. Many argue that sneaky photography is the best way of street photography. But there are still some ideas that this is against ethical rules and should be avoided.

Usually a street photographer will shoot without interfering or changing the nature of the scene. However, stealthily taking photos of other people will be attributed to paparazzi paparazzi. Asking permission to take a picture of someone isn’t always the best option: It’s obvious that putting the camera in front of you, people tend to stop doing things before.