The streets of Bogota attracts visitors thanks to Graffiti

Visiting Colombia, one of the liveliest experiences that certain tourists cannot miss is admiring the street artworks in Bogota.

The myriad of graffiti works on the streets of Bogotá show the vibrant street art movement in the Colombian capital. It is said to belong to the most unique caliber in the world.

An African-American couple from San Francisco (USA) took a picture of the neighborhood La Candelaria on his trip. “La Candelaria is a youthful historic neighborhood full of energy and colorful street art is great for our travel memories. The photo recorded a historic imprint “Grafitti Revolution” – the couple said.

bogota-graffiti (3)

The street art movement in Bogotá flourished six years ago, though Graffiti was opposed to it.

The mayor of the city then decided to promote and sponsor artists in many areas. Since then the artists began to delight in creating their works. Works that harmonize art and culture are called the “Cultural Echo” movement.

A Colombian street artist named Guache is known for combining ancestral imagery with patterns and geometry. His brilliant works can be found throughout Bogota.

APC (Animal Poder Crew) is one of the most productive collective street artists. They explore aesthetics with many murals throughout the city.

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The style of this group of artists is diverse and dynamic with freelance techniques. They often portray characters that influence the strong Graffiti. From Barcelona, ​​Spanish street artist Pez is exhibiting in Bogotá, currently a member of APC.

Toxicomano is a Bogotá-based corporation that uses Graffiti in combination with advertising techniques and the mass media. This man with the villagers filled the alleys with color. With moss walls or any empty place in the village, they are replaced with colorful shapes to create an artistic village.

Besides, the murals here also re-create famous works in the world in a cute cartoon style.