Top Ten Forms of Street Art (part 2)

7. 3D Wall Graffiti

This art form on the streets is fascinating. 3D wall graffiti gives you the feel of something coming on you out of the wall, but actually, it is painted on a plane surface. A lot of time and practice are required to create 3D wall graffiti.  It is a game of shadows and colors to make paintings look real or may be relatable. Kids are mainly fascinated by such arts, but it also amazes elders with the same extent. It is entirely legal with the permission from the property owner. 3D wall graffiti artists get paid well when they get work from reputed firms or art-liking personnel.

6. Sticker Street Art

As kids, we all were so amazed by small, cute stickers. We used to stick it on hands, on books, and our favorite things. But labels are not limited to that size or purpose. Sticker art is also known as sticker slapping, slap tagging, sticker bombing, or sticker tagging. This art uses images with stickers to post them publicly. They promote political, entertainment or society related things. Some labels are hand-drawn, and some are printed ones. Many stickers can be removed easily, but vinyl stickers are that way very stubborn and cannot be removed easily. The life expectancy of any label is related to the location, quality of the material it is printed on and what the content that sticker promotes.

5. Spray Paint Murals

Have you ever seen some funky paintings directly made on building walls, ceilings, on a permanent surface? If yes, then those are murals. Most of the time, the spray paint murals deal with abstract ideas which make the walls more look cooler. Some artists are so good at paintings that they make it look like real life objects.