Art of Snob street, Poitou Charentes region

Artist Thoma Vuille, carrying two French and Swiss bloodlines, is the father of the famous golden cat with many different names in each country: Mr. Cat, Matshikat, Mao, the Grinning Cat or TTOMA. The cat appears more and more in the world. We can see uncle in London, Amsterdam, Vienne, Francfort, Zurich, Paris, Sarajevo, New York, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul.

Sometimes unexpected things can happen, when different worlds come together, when two or more worlds suddenly blend or confront each other by unintentional or deliberate. From there arises the opposite or the strange connection that we cannot predict.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nhạc đường phố

Artists will be staging the streets of these two worlds through two horses. They met from the collision, from the whirling posture and from the crazy dance. At Cung Dien Tho, a group of French – Vietnamese artists will create a double sculptural work from all objects originating from Asia and Europe.

The photographer Sebastien Laval has been crept across the country since 1995 to record images of daily life and portraits portrayed by traditional techniques: dark room techniques.

Since 2005, artist Sebastien Laval has embarked on implementing a photo collection of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. His first collection of the Pa Then ethnic group was born with the cooperation of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Coming to Festival Hue 2008, the artist will introduce to the public a collection of photos of Ta Oi and Co Tu people living in Thua Thien Hue province.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

With this theme of photography, he wishes to illustrate and retain memories of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. It is this memory that will help us discover the strange richness of Vietnamese cultural heritage. Photos will be presented in a projection in the garden behind Dien Tho Palace.

By optimism, love, SNOB always makes the performances of a normal trumpet become a liberal, funny and suggestive program. With this style, the SNOB street art group constantly has tours around the world to reach the public.

“Musicomicale parade” can be performed on all roads. By technology of interaction and humor in communication, the trumpet team will create surprises that the audience can never anticipate. Artists will take advantage of all the opportunities on the street to create funny comedy screenings in passionate music.