Temporary Street Art That is Changing The Graffiti Game (part 2)

ELLIS G. Street artist Ellis G. is famous for working in shadows and light with traced shapes across city walls and sidewalks. From bicycles to street signs to trash on the corner, he draws any passenger’s attention to the fleeting shapes appearing in the night, leaving his temporary chalk diagram on the street before the […]

Temporary Street Art That is Changing The Graffiti Game (part 1)

While much work on the street art scene is typically done without permission and by definition illegal to some extent, it doesn’t necessarily fall into the vandalism colum, particularly when it leaves no trace or harm after a short time. Call it post-graffiti, call it street art, call it a way to get your artwork […]

9 world famous capitals for street art

It’s almost easy to come across doodles with graffiti. But in some capitals in the world, grafiti masterpieces have contributed to an impressive view of street art. 1. São Paulo, Brazil Famous street artists from São Paulo are all who mark their first works on the city walls. Villa Madalena is a young neighborhood filled […]