Temporary Street Art That is Changing The Graffiti Game (part 2)

ELLIS G. Street artist Ellis G. is famous for working in shadows and light with traced shapes across city walls and sidewalks. From bicycles to street signs to trash on the corner, he draws any passenger’s attention to the fleeting shapes appearing in the night, leaving his temporary chalk diagram on the street before the […]

The experience street photography

The streets of houses and busy people are a great source of inspiration in photography, and the street scene always evokes a youthful modern atmosphere. Photo enthusiasts also often ask questions about which camera is best suited for street photography. There are ideas for street portraits, street photography tips. Street photography is indeed fascinating. It […]

Street music in Europe

Walking through the ancient streets of Paris or Vienna or Venice, it is not difficult to find artists who pull Bach’s music with the ancient violin. Indeed, street artists have become a European feature for a long time, they do not have abundant funding to stand on the magnificent stage. But passion still motivates them […]

What is street photography

Basically, street photography is a kind of random photography done in public places. For example, on a street, in a restaurant or even on public transport. This is similar to reporting and mostly involves people in a busy place, like a city. However, street photographers often focus on the daily life of strangers. Instead of […]

Street photography – Talking with Riven Balsamo

Being a good photographer is one thing, and being a good street photographer is another. The art of capturing true human emotions requires the photographer to understand not only his device but also his subject. Now Viven Jose Balsomo will share with us the skills needed to take street photos. Street photography is a genre […]

Enjoying Street Art Painting In George Town – Malaysia

Asia is quite famous for the ancient cities, where one can find the peace, the wildness tinted in time in every alley, every roof in the old town. And a little different, somewhat boisterous and crowded than George Town of Penang Malaysia. If you learn about tourism in Malaysia, Penang is definitely the first point […]

Some street artists

The piano echoed in the middle of the open space on the walking path along the Thames. People kept going back and forth, a few heads looking, then a few stopped and stared in one direction. Glancing gazes, constant camera clicks and smiles appear … The man in an old shrimptail suit was tinted with […]