Contemporary art on African streets

The work of Robin Rhode is an extremely delicate and impressive combination of expressionism and social-economic problems. They make viewers feel like they are lost in different fantasy worlds.

Robin Rhode was born in 1976 in Cape Town, South Africa but he lives and studies in Johannesburg. In 2000, he graduated from South Africa School of Film, Television and Dramatic Arts.

Robin is one of the most prominent and active names in the diversification of contemporary African art. He embarked on many different schools of expression art from photography, theater performance, painting to sculpture to find his own voice.

Chân dung nghệ sĩ Robin Rhode.

The style of this artist is a thorough narration of the things and events that take place in daily life in their own language, called visual effects. The panorama of colorful paintings is uniquely described with the arrangement of human subjects or things with symbolic strokes from everyday materials such as soap, coal, chalk and paint …

At a time when South Africa was heavily influenced by hip-hop culture trends through movies, music and sports imported from the West. The most outstanding among them is the Graffiti style which is supported by the majority of young people. Because of the strong message expressing the desire to be liberal and free.

Street art has strongly influenced the taste of Rhode. He tolerates and creates, customizing them into a whole new style for himself. By combining installation art, painting and photography, Robin creates powerful visual effects that make the street scene a fantasy world.

His works are an extremely sophisticated and impressive combination of expressionism and social-economic issues. Each work is a masterpiece of a mix of high-class and popular art forms.

The strong paintings show the aspiration for liberal freedom, focusing directly on social issues. They are shown through colorful paintings that appear in every corner of the city.