Graffiti art makes a visual feast in Melbourne

An empty wall, a train station, a window box, or a public trash can all become the ideal for colorful graffiti paintings in Melbourne. Let’s imagine, on weekends, sipping a cup of hot coffee in Hoboken, watching passionate artists paint on the walls, hearing the sounds from spray paint, you will only say that “That’s great!”.

It’s the shortest to talk about outdoor Graffiti art in Melbourne. The artist Uses paint sprayers or markers to send their message through hidden pictures which is on empty walls. Graffiti is welcome in Melbourne (Australia). Local people are not bothered when their walls appear paintings of unknown origin.

Someone even invited graffiti painters to paint walls, fences or doors because they loved this art of freedom. That is why, for just a decade, graffiti has become a cultural feature in Melbourne. In many central alleys, train stations, they can also carry a palette of inspirational colors.

It was not known brightly on big streets. Melbourne has many alleys where there are plenty of coffee aromas and beautiful roads that are large enough for 3 to 4 people to walk. These alleyways are the space for creativity and display of graffiti paintings.

Ekuips is a freelance artist in Melbourne. He said that Melbourne is a bustling place to life because graffiti paintings are often drawn. By painting the old paint to create new arts, The corner that you enjoyed yesterday may be completely new tomorrow. In addition, the way which the artist quietly work also makes creative space so bustling.

According a art’s news in Autralia, Ekuips is finishing the last picture in his graffiti at Hosier Lan. It is one of 180 alleys in the “city”. There are still a few empty walls, Ekuips and other artists have submitted requests to the Victorian government for permission to continue coating “graffiti” on the remaining lanes. They can turn the outdoor art into a room.