I want to go abroad to settle in the best street art in the world

Investors who are passionate about graffiti always want to go abroad to settle in the best street art in the world.

Every country will have some form of graffiti. Sometimes, the pictures are not beautiful, obscene, … causing offensive to viewers. By categorizing different forms, street art is growing. The talent, technique and sophistication and creativity are shown in each drawing and create excellent works. Art enthusiasts certainly want to go abroad to settle in these countries.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

In 1990, shortly after its US debut, street art became a very easy-to-see landscape in Reykjavik.

Outdoor projects or in-room displays were born one after another. Artists work together, they are inspired by the music, poetry, life … From there, it is attached to the drawing to create a meaningful street art.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

In Brazil, famous street artists paste the first work on the wall of São Paulo city. Drawings covered the walls of coffee shops, music clubs, alleys, etc. Sometimes, there will be active families asking them to paint on the wall. From there, make a difference for their home.

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Berlin, Germany
Street art has also been developed in Berlin since 1989. Throughout the streets, you can walk and admire graffiti as you like. The best place to go is the Berlin wall. A piece of the wall has been sprayed. Currently, wall paintings become famous. The drawings inspired by historical works make it even more meaningful.

Melbourne, Australia
Bright colors throughout Australia’s alleys, alleys, and alleys. Street art creates a brilliant picture that stretches, beautiful. In Australia, not every work is perfect. Sometimes, there are errors, lack of paint, … still present there. The paintings interweave, making a difference, interesting for the city of Melbourne.

New York, USA
Graffiti was born in Philadelphia but grew up in New York. In this city, elaborate works are found in every corner. Each district and town has its own special features.

Combined projects between large organizations also appear more. They gathered artists and created a work of art with great significance. Sometimes works aimed at attracting, intimidating, encouraging, reminding about climate change, environmental pollution, …