Street art in France

Although many weaknesses make Vitry difficult to become a dream city, but at least for me, the city’s cultural and artistic focus is a big reason for the bond. Capital de “street art” is the title that I found on Vitry’s website. As it turned out, it has long been considered one of the prominent […]

Namsadang Nori Korean Art Street

An intangible cultural property is toured in various places in Korea. It is a traveling troupe with mainly male members, performing various unique art performances including Tumbling, singing, dancing or comedy, adorning a fun atmosphere. are the drum-sounding gongs. To know more about the strange things of this art troupe, then let’s join the Korean […]

Graffiti art flooded New York streets

The art of “Graffiti” first appeared in New York in the 1970s and originated from a Greek-American man named Taki who was very addicted to work and often traveled by subway. Taki’s Graffiti works in many places. After the New York Times published an interview with him, young people began to learn about this street […]

Story of Parkour street art in Syria

The image of young people jumping over cars or gently fence walls on crowded streets is no longer so strange. Because these virtuous movements are part of the Parkour discipline. Parkour is a movement training method derived from the French army’s obstacle avoidance skills. This course includes obstacle course, climbing, swinging, jumping and other exercise […]

The endless creations of street art

The city is the ideal place for creative arts. Street art is one of the creative ideas of world masters. The city helps artists show their talents through street art, landscaping, architecture and urban planning. The traffic is tight, the peak is congested, the accident is sudden, the smoke, the smell of gasoline, the fatigue […]

Parkour – Sports art of free streets

The image of young people jumping over cars, through gentle fence walls on crowded streets of big cities, is no longer a new image. These seemingly gentle and simple movements, they are honored as an art and art of Parkour. Parkour (another name in Free running) is almost like a sport, almost like a dance […]

Street music in New York

His hand began to dance on the empty face, his legs were swaying, swaying and shaking, casually playing, not caring who was listening, nor bothering to look at the money cap in front of him. It was 9am in Grand Central, New York subway station. The drummer was one of countless street artists playing music […]

Japanese street music

When I first came to Japan, I was quite surprised by the street groups here. In busy areas, mostly in the evening, it is almost 90% likely that you will encounter at least one performing singer or street music group. This is truly an interesting culture that visitors can experience while traveling Japan. Some areas […]