Pascal Boyart Street aistrt

Crypto street artist Pascal Boyart is well known in the field as the first artist of his style. He attached Bitcoin QR code to his work.

It is currently helping Venezuelan muralists and creators earn online money. Perhaps thanks to the subversive nature of cryptocurrencies, the world of unlicensed digital currencies and the art world.

In a sense, always go together. Pascal Boyart embodies this unique relationship in his works. With classic themes that conflict with modern issues with compelling style. The painting that he always makes to hide his “Bitcoin QR”.

The political nature of the Pboy art lends to considering others in similar instability and crisis. And especially artists who need to fund their work.

In partnership with the Satoshienvenezuela community, Pboy has just released a step-by-step guide on how street artists in the economically besieged South American country. They can earn cryptocurrencies from their art.

The English version of the article, titled “Instructions: How to receive Bitcoin donations on your street artworks”. It is a highly detailed analysis of the above Pboy methods for attaching QR codes to his art.

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Pboy has absolutely no conceit or arrogance in his guide. He started from step one, details for newcomers completing how to create Bitcoin wallets, saving seed phrases and creating a consistent Bitcoin presence on a different social media. Boyart goes on to outline two options for attaching Bitcoin code to a work.

The work reached its peak with the excitement of “luck and creativity” including a FAQ section of frequently asked questions like “Why use Bitcoin?”. Pboy noted that, “The amount you receive is 100% owned by you because you are the sole owner of your private key.

Cryptocurrencies are proving to be a valuable asset in the fight against poverty, hunger and inhumane political domination in Venezuela.