Some miraculous wall steps in the world

The forerunner of contemporary street art originated in the 1970s in New York. This is where the city witnesses its own maturity with graffiti drawings at the subway system and the suburbs of the city. So the miraculous wall steps are the world’s street art exhibition that’s the obvious.

Just like the old stone cave paintings of Lascaux or the Catacombs inscriptions in Rome, those premises have brought street art in the New York metro area away from social isolation and, born from the ground. The unusual and isolated nature of this art is a way of reflecting a precarious and troubled world happening on the ground.

And on the interconnected subway system, graffiti is a city that is bound by the economic downturn – the source has caused a gloomy and gloomy reality.

The common discontent among children in the big city faces a hopeless economic environment and laziness in this urban jungle that does not benefit everyone, pushing them towards graffiti art. as a form of self-expression.

This is a rebellion against a system of rhetoric, which promotes the clarification of thought of the age through the slogans of protest, political, social and mysterious notation in typefaces and shapes statues, drawing the highlights of a view of street art definition like today.

Like its predecessors, street art still faces common social disagreement, with debates about whether such creative forms can be considered artistic. However, on the roads in Berlin, Brooklyn, South America and Stockholm, etc.

With walls growing, imbued and overwhelmed with cultural taste, it’s hard to imagine this is not art. Street art galleries delete thanks to privileged ideology and protect the democracy of art through subtle comment, masterful techniques and show of intense chaos. This is like definition about art.