Street art, the road becomes mainstream

Once upon a time, if you were to paint a colored paint spray on a wall, you would likely be stunned by the police and severely punished, but now, the pictures on the walls around the city have become the spiritual property being told defense and honor. The journey from the one who is chased into this pet is not simple.

In the past, when it came to graffiti, many Westerners would immediately think of guys wearing hooded shirts, hand-painted bottles, swearing and destroying the landscape with rebellious messages. It was around the 1970s, when the antiwar movement was strong.

Protesters, young people, choose to spray angry statements against the government on the wall. Every night, the walls of the station, the city walls, or the old town were filled with colorful pictures. Most passersby didn’t bother with the messy messages written on it, others were very angry.

Soon after graffiti was appeared, suddenly, the media suddenly changed their attitudes – former graffiti prosecutors were now criticized as conservative, unable to see the true beauty of art, and the works Considered to contaminate the landscape is now evaluated as masterpieces. This is because in the midst of the flow of scattering paint colors, there are real artists that appear, the peak can be said, Robert Banks, better known by the more familiar name: Banksy.

Banksy’s artworks became so famous that people were willing to remove the wall he drew, then sold the work at a high price. His success became an inspiration for many other street artists and individuals who collected art works. It was realized that old walls and cellars could also become a platform for creative artists. The works of impulsive nature also gradually subside, instead of works with investment, bringing clear and sympathetic messages.