Street photography – Talking with Riven Balsamo

Being a good photographer is one thing, and being a good street photographer is another. The art of capturing true human emotions requires the photographer to understand not only his device but also his subject. Now Viven Jose Balsomo will share with us the skills needed to take street photos.

Street photography is a genre of randomness. With other types of photography, you can arrange for photos but street photography is not like that. It poses challenges to a beautiful photo in a chaotic and unpredictable environment. And that is exactly what he like.

He often observed the life on the street and the expressions of people I could record. He also searched for a setting with opposing light. For example, a dark shade on a sunny day, because it can make the photo more dramatic.

But there are also cases where shooting objects produces interesting products. For example, a backlit photo of a broken fire hydrant spraying water in the sun. It may not have a lot of dramatic elements, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good picture.

There will be more real feelings when sneaking in because the subject is completely unaware that they are being taken. There are also street shots where subjects look directly into the camera. Focusing on their eyes is essential for a good shot.

The first principle when photographing his streets is to always empty the background. He also looked for shooting angles so that the background scene was as unaffected as possible.

The best way is to shoot discreetly. In unavoidable situations, he would smile and chat to help them relax. Remember, for most of us, smiles are always pervasive!

Technical elements will help create effects and add value to the image. When taking street photos, he often chooses black and white photography. He likes his pictures capturing the contrast and contrast between light and dark