Temporary Street Art That is Changing the Graffiti Game (part 3)


Edina Tokodi, who founded the artist collective named Mosstika, has been called an eco-warrior due to her focus on flora as greening the street. Using moss, plants, and other organic materials, Mosstika has succeeded in bringing a biodegradable bit of life to city walls without any trace of landscape. This is considered to be an act of environmental activism. Running into one of these pieces can be more surprising than spotting a spray-painted tag. These pieces remind that eco-warriors can be found everywhere, including in street art.

London Kaye

Being the symbol of the new generation that are jumping into the street, London Kaye is crocheting every idea entering her imagination and affixing it to the fences around New York. From whales and thin-limbed fashion models to an iWatch along with all its icons, Kaye’s gaze is omnivorous. She has even crocheted cozies for subway poles as well as handed out hearts to people on the subway on Valentine’s Day. Kaye was a classically trained dancer. She easily moves between her freewill fence installations and various commercial partnerships on products and advertising.

Leon Reid IV

Using a number of alter egos, Leon Reid IV is a thinking man’s installation artist pushing the limits of 3-D street art. Whether it is exploring the physical relationship of signage by slightly bending it or affixing shopping bags and bling to public statues, Leon Reid IV isn’t vandalizing so much as pranking the public space with sculpture.

Hot Tea

A former aerosol graffiti writer from Minnesota, Hot Tea now looks for the chances and techniques for doing non-destructive installations in public spaces. Using yarn as his key tool, Hot Tea takes a minimalist approach to redefining space that you are accustomed to as well as designing new environments and effects. With a combination of installation art and straight-up graphic design, Hot Tea is breaking definitions and barriers on the street, and is now making up even larger-scale installations for art institutions, too.