The hidden corner of street art

Street art should not be understood from the perspective of a deadline, in other words, it’s not just graffiti, it’s not just a flower festival, street art is also the performances of skateboarding, breaking dance, sculpture, basketball…

The place that ignites the passion of the young people who already love this art, where the unique dance moves of the Hiphopers and the color variation of the graffiter … have the opportunity to show their talents.

Slinkachu sử dụng những hình người bé xíu trong các bộ đồ chơi rồi sắp đặt chúng trong không gian đường phố tại Anh.

Whether they are professional or non-professional artists, the dedication of art to the audience is undeniable, especially when those artistic contributions have a human meaning, please applaud them with applause. hands instead of cold looks or disparaging criticism. This is not only a conscious act, but it also shows the culture of the viewer.

In Europe – America, artists like Slinkachu are quite popular. Slinkachu is an Englishman who specializes in creating miniature street art works. It is also an interesting lesson about the sense of appreciating art. He uses tiny figures in the toys and then arranges them in the street space.

The work of Slinkachu is often left by him on the street for people to admire but sometimes because it is too small that the pedestrians do not notice so they accidentally crush. The message behind these works is that we should be more concerned about the environment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho graffiti

And because these are graffiti-conscious works, it’s hard for viewers to accuse the authors of smearing them. Writer Steve Grody – author of the famous book on street art LA graffiti, Street Styles And Art said: “Not everyone is interested in graffiti but if you dig deeper, pay more attention to the hidden images, you will realize that it is no different from the journey to find a treasure buried deep in the mystery. ”

Of course, graffiti is only part of street art. Just looking at the way people treat other arts in general, what originates from the “street” attracts curiosity and attention, but right after that is the merciless and unrelenting estranged disaster of the audience. fake.