Top Ten Forms of Street Art (part 1)

Street art can be found all over the world. It can be used to advertise, to spread awareness, or for some other aesthetic purposes. Although the term street art is often related to wall painting and spray paint art, in fact, it is a vast field with various forms. Here we list down the top ten forms of street art.

1. Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the oldest art presentations having existed since ancient Egypt and Greece. Graffiti can provide a secure message or give some jazzy views. They are usually made from very bright colors in order to fascinate everyone who passes by. Some people use wall graffiti to take pictures because they can provide a cool background.

2. Sculptures

Sculptures mean the 3D art structures. Processes such as modeling, casting, constructing, and carving are used to make the sculptures. Some types of sharp tools are used to carve wood, stones, or bones. Sculptures are generally associated with religious, political, and historical belongings. You can find sculptures at temples or on the roadside with certain space provided for artistic things or statues.

3. Poster Art

Posters are the specific type of printed papers with 2D artistic painting, drawing, or calligraphic elements. Banners are different from art prints. Art prints are printed in limited amounts and have higher quality while posters are mostly printed in large quantities and can be printed on any paper. They are hanged vertically somewhere or attached to walls. When we go on the streets, we can see various posters. Some of them are just about notices, some are artistic. But all of them never fails to catch our attention. Even some poster art for the advertisement of some products also have something flashy that can catch our eyes. If a poster uses quality paper and excellent graphics, it can become a prominent art to impress the viewers.